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Ensemble Auditions

Auditioning for School of Music Ensembles


Auditions are required for placement into the following School of Music ensembles:

  • Wind Ensemble
  • Wind Symphony
  • Symphony Orchestra (more info)
  • Philharmonic Orchestra (more info)
  • Chamber Winds

Fall 2024 Auditions

Fall 2024 Audition schedules and registration link will be posted soon.


All University of Arizona students are required to audition for the ensembles listed under “Ensembles” on this page (regardless of major), and these auditions occur only in the fall. However, auditions are not required to participate in our fall and spring semesters All-Campus Concert/Symphonic Band, but you will complete a brief playing interview to determine part assignment at the first class meeting.

Pride of Arizona and Pep Band audition information is found on the Pride of Arizona website.

Percussion auditions for all ensemble placement are arranged through the Percussion Studio.

Jazz Area audition information can be found at the UA Jazz website.

Choral placement information can be found on the UA Choirs website.



You can enroll in any of the listed ensembles prior to your audition. However, since you won’t know the exact course you’re in until AFTER the audition, you may need to add/drop course(s) according to your placement.

Please keep an eye on your audition result posted in the west wing of the School of Music building and make the according change(s) to your class roster right away to avoid incurring late add/drop charges or additional issues with enrollment in UAccess.

Audition Material 2024

Download the audition material for your instrument below. See the top of the page for instructions on scheduling your audition.


Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD

Clarinet (All)

Schedule TBD

Saxophone (All)

Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD


Auditions to be determined through the Percussion Studio


Auditions to be determined through the Harp Studio


Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD


Schedule TBD